Hakima’s Moroccan Cooking School



For the Tabakhats (cooks) of Morocco, cooking is an art that uses all of the senses to reach the right flavor, texture, and color using only their eyes as their scale. The results reflect the mood of each individual cook: more or less sweet, more or less salty, more or less hot more or less spicy.

The Tabakhats pass these recipes down in the oral tradition. The recipes used in the cooking classes are examples of those recipes. 

Female illiteracy in Morocco averages about 60% for females over the age of 14 years of age.  These Moroccan women grow up in homes occupied by large families, sharing small rooms, sometimes without running water and frequently lacking electricity.  Cooking is done on a propane or charcoal burner.  The recipes you will prepare come from just such a one burner home.  Our cooking students range from beginning cooks to accomplished chefs and all share the same desire to learn the unique nature of Moroccan cuisine.

All classes will focus on three things: TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUE, INNOVATIVE use of fresh, local ingredients, and AESTHETIC presentation. The only thing that changes is the seasonality of the fruit and vegetables.

Hakimas Moroccan cooking school is tailored to fit the clients interests.

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